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Nike and the University of Oregon cheap nike shoes free shipping Ducks introduce the new Oregon Pioneers football uniform, which emphasizes Oregon state history.

Oregon is a state that has bred innovators, freethinkers and risk-takers since its founding. Nike co-founder Phil Knight is the quintessential example, starting a company by selling shoes out of a car cheap nike free shoes trunk and turning it into a $30 billion powerhouse. Despite Nike's impressive evolution, he and his wife, Penny, still refer to themselves as "just a couple of kids from Oregon."

This maverick heritage is similarly cheap nike free outlet embodied by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, who introduced Oregon to the east in 1805, as a part of the Corps of Discovery commissioned by Thomas Jefferson. Aptly, the explorers serve as the key cheap nike free running shoes inspiration behind the new Oregon Pioneers football uniform, a freshly designed Nike Mach Speed uniform exclusively for the Ducks.

"We have many discussions with the Oregon athletes, equipment staff and coaches," says Todd Van Horne cheap nike free sale, Creative Director for Nike Football. "For this inspiring new uniform, we want to celebrate the state and its great founders and innovators."

Some of these celebratory references are overt while from china cheap nike free a few are more understated.


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