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After a lengthy discussion Wednesday night and input from the community the 4J school board cheap nike free shoes tabled its decision on a potential contract with Nike.

There were a lot of questions at that board meeting mainly centered around legal concerns.

And there were some points of contention, like the idea of commercializing high school sports versus a severe lack of athletic funding across the district's schools.

"We're sending a message to the cheap nike free outlet students that the school district endorses a particular product and it's for sale to the highest bidder. Is that the type of teachable moment we want to embrace? I hope not. We also will turn our kids into human billboards or walking advertisements who must wear Nike products from head to toe," said Bob Bussel, parent.

The $300,000 five-year contract with Nike cheap nike free running shoes would provide $15,000 per year for each of 4J's four high schools and 40 to 45 percent discounts off retail prices of purchases beyond that.

Football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, track and field, cross country and tennis teams would only be required to wear the Nike uniforms during games and competition, not during practices.

Right now the district requires players to wear whatever uniform is provided and those rules would still apply with the Nike contract.

Student repesentatives also had a chance to weigh in on the conversation.

One Churchill High School athlete noted cheap nike free sale they don't have enough uniforms and the ones they do have are old.

"And so at the beginning of the season we were searching for sizes from our minimal collection that would be bearable and so many athletes are wearing the wrong sizes, they're uncomfortable," said Megan Groves, Churchill student cross-country athlete.

Another point brought up at the meeting, cheap nike free shoes free shipping the issue of inequity and how the contract could help level the funding gap because some schools can fundraise more than others.

That decision was ultimately tabled after some legal concerns -- the board will consult a lawyer in the coming weeks and discuss the contract again on November 4th.

The Bethel School District has already from china cheap nike free approved a similar agreement.


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